Sports is something which unites everyone, and when you watch a Sporting event even you are a senior or a junior person in a group everyone enjoys and thrills in the same way. But in sports you can even feel more thrill by doing betting on a particular Sporting event, by doing that on a sports event it gives you a special feeling of thrill and excitement which cannot be expressed, it can only feel. So, if you want to enjoy that unique type of thrill and excitement then in this article I’ll show you the top 5 betting apps for your Android and iPhone, with these applications you will be thrilled in a different level.

1. BWIN Betting App

Top 5 Betting Apps for Android and iPhone: Be Thrilled with these Apps

BWIN Betting App comes first in our list, and why not? The deserves the crown of the first position of top 5 mobile betting apps. As the app has included all the best features and tools which a bookmaker needs, and it has a unique and awesome user interface which is too easy for a first time user. Any new user can use the app easily and quickly without any doubts or confusions. So, if you want to enjoy the real meaning of thrill, then download this BWIN Betting App.

2. bet365

Top 5 Betting Apps for Android and iPhone: Be Thrilled with these Apps

bet365, is the world’s biggest online bookmaker, and the app is one of the most popular apps on the planet. The app gives an awesome range of pre-match and In-Play markets together with top sporting action streamed live to your device. So, you will never feel bad by getting this app on your smartphone or tablet.

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3. 10Bet App

Top 5 Betting Apps for Android and iPhone: Be Thrilled with these Apps

10bet app comes third on the list, it has every tool which you would expect from a bookmaker. As the app is popular for its willingness, it takes chances by keeping you first out of all the online bookmakers to set odds on upcoming events.

4. Coral

Top 5 Betting Apps for Android and iPhone: Be Thrilled with these Apps

Coral is coming with tons of features, as the app is loaded with Player Bets, In-Play betting, a thumbnail view of live streaming which offers users to navigate easily throughout the app whilst watching your chosen event, Cash Out and much more.

5. Sun Bets App

Last but not least, the app has a fantastic range of sports. It also offers an Extensive selection of in-play markets, along with live-streaming facility. Moreover, the app offers promotion for both new and old users.

So, what are you waiting for??? Download any of the apps and start enjoying the different level of thrill and excitement.


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