Kodi is the best IPTV solution if you are a cord cutter and don’t want to deal with cable TV companies. There are many extensions like Cartoon Network and BBC channels which are limited to certain countries. Users are unable to watch their favorite shows because these channels are geo-blocked on the internet. In such cases, we need a VPN for Kodi to unblock the content. Besides, VPN also secures your identity online so it’s always good to have a VPN connection. So in this article, we are going to share the 10 best free Kodi VPN apps you can install on your device. We will also share a native Kodi method which will allow you to access geo-blocked content without the need of a VPN service.

List of Free Kodi VPN Apps of 2019

VPN is an essential tool to protect your online identity and can help you bypass geo-based content restrictions. There are scores of free and paid VPNs which do the job sufficiently well. However, with free VPNs, there are trade-offs on the privacy front. So, if you are really serious about protecting your privacy then you should always consider paid VPNs. Having said that, in this article, I have tried to bring 10 free VPN for Kodi which have an acceptable privacy policy. So go through the list and choose the one which seems to work for you.


1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is the best VPN for Kodi if you want unlimited data and privacy protection of some sort. Surprisingly ProtonVPN does not have any data limits and you can use it to stream online content endlessly. You can also bypass geo-restrictions for TV channels and online streaming platforms on Kodi. The only cons here is that the network speed is decent at best. The free tier provides only 3 server locations to choose from. So if your location is close to the server, you might get good performance otherwise you will have to be content with the average performance. Well, if you want something for free then you have to compromise on some front.

10 Best Free Kodi VPN Apps You Can Use in 2019Besides the performance, ProtonVPN claims that it doesn’t log and share the browsing data to third parties. It’s great that ProtonVPN doesn’t compromise on the security front. To use the free version, you will have to sign up for a ProtonVPN account and you will be good to go. For the first 7 days, it even lets you access the Pro version for free. So the bottom line remains, if you don’t want any data limits and can put up with the decent network speed then ProtonVPN is the best choice for your Kodi needs. And in case, you are not happy with the performance on Kodi, you can upgrade to the Pro version which provides top-notch performance and advanced security features.

Platform Availability: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux

Install: ProtonVPN (Free, Pro version starts at $5/month)


How to Set a Proxy Server on Kodi

VPN is a more secure and powerful tool to make your online identity anonymous. However, a proxy server can also help you achieve the same thing without a third-party app. The good news is that Kodi has support for proxy servers so you can easily set it up natively. Here is how you can do it.

1. Open Kodi and click on the Settings gear icon on the top-left corner.

10 Best Free Kodi VPN Apps You Can Use in 2019

2. After that, click on “System” on the bottom-right corner.

10 Best Free Kodi VPN Apps You Can Use in 2019

3. Here, click on “Basic” and the menu will change to “Standard”.

10 Best Free Kodi VPN Apps You Can Use in 20194. Now, click on “Internet Access“ tab. Here, enable “Use proxy server” toggle and provide the details. Now you are all set to use Kodi anonymously and without any VPN.
10 Best Free Kodi VPN Apps You Can Use in 2019

Note: You can get a list of Free Proxy servers by doing a simple Google search.

Stream Content Anonymously with These Free Kodi VPN Apps

So that ends our list of free Kodi VPN apps. In this list, I have mentioned 4 completely free VPNs which have no data limit whatsoever. Other than that, there are 6 VPNs which have all the premium features but have a certain data limit. We can see that paid VPNs provide great performance and top-notch security. If you don’t want to expose yourself on the internet while browsing Kodi, you should opt for a freemium or a paid one. Nevertheless, the free versions too have some decent privacy safeguard so you are protected to some extent. And, if you don’t want to use VPNs then can also use a proxy server. Anyway, if you liked the article and want to see similar posts on Kodi then let us know in the comment section below.


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