Our everyday life has been quite modified with the arrival of the smartphone, social networks, cameras, Google Maps, games, internet all at hand. This has irrevocably changed our habits. See if any of these are familiar.

1. Spy Syndrome

We started with a slightly curious change that has been the inspiration for this article. Like many of the ideas that come to my head, everything started on the way to somewhere. Specifically in the subway. To my sides two subjects with their respective smartphones, one reading the news and the other chatting. Without realizing it, I found myself reading the WhatsApp conversation of a strange total. What indecency!

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

The first thing that came to mind to justify such an assault on privacy was that just as we used to look at the newspaper, magazine or neighbor’s book, now we look at the smartphone. So why did not I look at the person who read the news? 

I do not know, but I promised not to do it again. Come on… now confess, surely your eyes have gone too.

2. Virtual reviews

Does anyone care what you say? That is no longer a problem, networks are the perfect container where everyone shed their opinions and I can assure you that everyone has their audience. Today we can tweet, tag on Facebook and comment on a forum at the speed of a ninja. No more complaints and complaints. Today we can give opinions on any virtual platform, newspapers, profiles, mentions, end the reputation of a company, everything from our smartphone. Getting involved in virtual discussions is a very everyday thing, even on The AndroidPoint very interesting debates start in the comments. But, beware, not all the mountain is oregano and some people are determined to put doors to the field. A good example of this is the gag laws but this topic gives for another debate.

3. The waits

Waits have changed and now we take that time to look at our e-mail, see what happens on Facebook, throw a party or read our feeds, but no printed literature. Here I have to speak for myself too, because before I had the habit of reading in the subway and now only read at home before bed. 

It is a reality that less and less printed books are seen on the subway and if you have not noticed yet, take a look around next time.

4. Explorer syndrome

One of the most positive changes that smartphones have brought is Google Maps (or alternatives) , especially to people with little sense of direction like me. That is very good because it helps us to eliminate the fear of losing us and also helps us discover new cities in a simpler way. We no longer need to stop at bus stops and save on paper maps.

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

At this point I would like to add something. Not only do we have a map on our smartphone, we also have a dictionary. Now with the update of Google Translator and its possibility of instant translation of signs, traveling abroad is also simpler.

5. Goodbye to the surprise factor

Nothing to go out on the adventure without umbrellas or without knowing when the next metro will arrive. With the number of applications that exist to know all this information instantly it is difficult for something to catch us by surprise. Of course, this is optional and surely more than one wants to live a little to the limit.

6. Communication

From the way we write to the possibility of bringing those who live farther away. We no longer call so much, now the standard is to hold long conversations by WhatsApp (or Telegram) . Of course, using all the letters, since as they are free we can rewrite well (Hallelujah!). Also, thanks to applications like Swiftkey writing has never been so easy. 

This new type of communication breaks any boundary and makes people who are thousands of miles away feel closer.

7. Why am I still using the clock?

Surely more than one has unconsciously stopped looking at the time on his wristwatch to do so through his smartphone. So why are we still wearing a watch? Maybe it’s a fashion issue or maybe it’s a smartwatch.

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

8. Access to knowledge

Another very positive aspect. One of my favorite applications and the most consulted is Wikipedia. Thanks to the smartphone any doubts that arise get your answer in seconds. We have access to knowledge with a wave of the hand.

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

Of course, this also influences what I call “The existence of the great truth”. I explain it with an example: typical debate between friends. A shares a statement with the rest and B denies it. The debate is picking up rhythm, each one shows their arguments and the thing seems to trigger on a bet… until C breaks the tension by reading a Wikipedia article. No one can compete with the great truth.

9. Photography, selfies and sticks

I do not think I need to explain this point too much. The camera sensors of smartphones are getting better and coupled with editing possibilities, filters and third-party applications, the result is incredible. I have not used my digital camera for some time and for my travels I decide to take my smartphone alone.

But besides, we can not forget the selfie effect, social networks are full of self-portraits with duckface, self-portraits with cats, self-portraits in toilets (this is incomprehensible) and if that was not enough the selfie stick was invented. Evolution, they call it…

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

10. The music

If your smartphone has replaced our camera, you have also replaced our mp3 player. It has never been easier to access thousands of songs at the same time. In addition, in Google Play there are many music players that will make the task even easier, as well as different music and radio streaming programs.

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

Bonus: Data

I end with the only major negative change I have come across: Exposure of our data. There are many applications that have access to information that really should not be relevant to the use of it. For example, in Facebook permissions we find “read your text messages (SMS or MMS)” or “read calendar and confidential information”, among many other things.

Most surprising of all is their acceptance. Would it seem normal to you that before the letter arrived, the postman opened it and read inside?

10 Things That Smartphones Have Changed in Our Day to Day Life

Surely more than one agrees with any of these changes or has noticed others that have occurred in their lives thanks to smartphones. Share your experiences in the comments!


  1. Great list, I would add one other negative – our patience and attention spans have drastically shrunk! We can’t do anything for more than 15 minutes before glancing down at our phones.


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