Value for Money



  • All marketing tools in one place
  • Welcoming affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface
  • High Deliverability with their mailing boss
  • Newbie-friendly training
  • High-quality training tutorials
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Easier to use than WordPress
  • Highly Converting sales pages for product creators
  • Drag and Drop Website/ Bog builder


  • Non-WordPress
  • The Commercial license seems compulsory if you are serious about affiliate marketing

Hey and Welcome to my BuilderAll Review which is an All-in-one marketing platform with all the tools that you’ll need to run a sustainable online business without the need to spend so much money on third-party tools.

Can you imagine having all the tools you need to run a sustainable online business that generates passive income without requiring so much investment?

Think about it for a moment…

Ready to dive in learn more about this system? Let’s go!

Here is a Preview of What you’ll Learn in BuilderAll and this review:

  • The most profitable opportunity to promote for lifetime revenue.(No-one is openly talking about this)
  • How to Get the Killer Bonuses from me that gets people flooding my email(*Sorry, you can only get the bonuses if you buy on this page)
  • What are funnels and Why you need to use them
  • Who Killed Clickfunnels?(Good if you like gossip lol)
  • How to use ready-made funnels and start profiting right away
  • How you can join a private community of marketing Experts who are making a killing online.
  • The “Key Elements” you need in a business in order to build a lifetime income)
  • How to build a list of the Platform(No one does this)
  • How you can Win a Car this Year
  • How to Build an App within minutes
  • The tools you need to promote.(No one stops using them after the first purchase because their businesses depend on them)
  • How to Clone Converting Landing pages of your competitors without paying a cent
  • Why you need to be using “social proof” in every campaign and why your conversion s*cks
  • How to make 100% commission with the Program
  • What is the “BuilderAll Commercial Licensee:” and why you need to get it right away.

What is BuilderAll

BuilderAll is an all in one marketing platform with all the marketing tools that you need to run a successful online business.

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Instead of buying each of the tools that you’ll need, you’ll get all the tools in one place. BuilderAll!

From sales pages, landing pages, sales funnels, website builder, real-time purchase proof for your sales pages, analytics, heat maps, click maps autoresponders and so much more.

By now, you probably know purchasing all these tools will cost you $1,00s if not $1,000s of dollars every month. The worst? Some of the third-party tools/ plugins may compromise your site. This alone gives you reasons to have BuilderAll right Now.

BuilderAll Video Review and Demo

BuilderAll Pros vs Cons


  • All marketing tools in one place
  • Welcoming affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface
  • High Deliverability with their mailing boss
  • Newbie-friendly training
  • High-quality training tutorials
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Easier to use than WordPress
  • 100% commissions on direct sale to “Commercial Licensees”
  • The system is proven
  • Highly Converting sales pages for product creators
  • Drag and Drop Website/ Bog builder
  • Host Unlimited domains
  • Create email accounts with your own domain
  • Make apps inside your dashboard and make it available for download
  • Facebooks App Builder
  • Auto-responder with up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Gives you an opportunity to own a car. Yes, Really!


  • Non-WordPress
  • The Commercial license seems compulsory if you are serious about affiliate marketing

An Inside Look At BuilderAll

1. Builders

This is where you can use their drag and drop website builder to build a blog or a website. In addition, you can also create Android and iOS application and make them available online for download.

I’ll only show you the amazing site builder Inside BuilderAll.BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Surprisingly, everything you can do with Click Funnels can with done with BuilderAll for only $29.99/month.

From sales pages, niche funnels, opt-in pages, landing pages and more…

2. The Mailing Boss

You don’t have to pay any more for an autoresponder while promoting BuilderAll. Mailing boss has you sorted.

You can have a list of up to 10,000 subscribers with a guaranteed deliverability. No Fluff!

3. Design

This is where you can create a mockup and wow video presentation. Check out the video below to learn more.

4. Videos

Make animated and floating videos in just a few minutes.

Watch Jay Building a Website Below in 10 minutes

5. Apps

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

You can make App with just a few clicks of your mouse. Yes, really!

When you came on this page, you may have noticed I use a Brower Notification. That alone cost $29/month with SumoMe.

Using proof which shows that there are real customers will cost you an additional $25/month.

Some software like CrazyEgg that shows Click map and heat map cost up to $189/month.

Creating a Facebook App will cost you some additional Dollars.

All this sorted when you get BuilderAll here.

Buy now, you are aware that you are saving big if you start using BuilderAll or switch from the costly services you’re using.

6. Knowledgebase

In this section, you’ll get tutorials on how to use each tool found on the platform.

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?
BuilderAll Knowledgebase

The videos are high quality, short and to the point.

BuilderAll 2 Tier Commercial Licence!

Inside here, you’ll learn the power of “the Key elements” to run a sustainable online Business.

Here is a quick recap of what you need:

  • An audience of Hungry buyers
  • Sales Funnel
  • Automation to get in touch from time to time
  • Leveraging sales from sales, down sales OTS and dime sales
  • Leveraging gain by building trust with customers
  • Recurring Revenue. Just make the initial sale and profit forever

Why should I care anyway? You may ask. That’s a fair question.


Here is what you’ll get as a BuilderAll 2-tier Commercial Licensee:

Franchisee Benefits:

  • 100% Direct Sale Commissions
  • 30% Recurring Commissions after the first month
  • 100% Upsell Commissions
  • 30% Commissions on all 2-Tier Sales
  • Full Access to Resource Area
  • Professionally Designed Banners
  • Over 20 Different Funnels
  • Lead Magnets
  • Automated Follow-Up Email Sequence
  • Lead Control, Lead Score, Earning/Commissions Control
  • Forum Support
  • Quick training for commercial partners
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Social Prove app on the sales page
  • Active live chat on the sales page
  • Facebook ads models

Lets now have a Sneak Preview of the Commercial Franchise:

Niche  Funnels

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?These funnels you can promote as they are ready-made to start making sales right away.

  • Beaty salon
  • Interior design
  • Real Estate
  • Chiropractic
  • Dentistry
  • Home Insurance
  • Accountant
  • Land Scaping

They niche funnels inside BuilderAll already have content, landing pages, option pages, and training.

Each funnel has its training as well as the banners that one would use for Facebooks advertising.

The banners and the landing pages have been proven to convert. So very little is left to do.

You only need to Promote.

Below is an is the Interior Design Funnel in Action.

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?
BuilderAll Interior Design Funnel

BuilderAll Academy

In this section, you’re going to learn how to make the most out of the platform.

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

You’re going to learn how to use all the tools found in Builder All.

BuilderAll Gives YOU a Car!

You read that right!

You can own a car too.

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?But how?

It’s easy.

  1. Buy BuilderAll
  2. Promote BuilderAll
  3. Make Money
  4. Make Only 100 direct sales
  5. BuilderAll will get you a car

You’ll get $500 on top of that to lease the car.

Wait…The deal becomes even sweater!

When you reach 200 active users, you are going to get $1,000 every month.

That is it!

BuilderAll Pricing

There is only two prices inside Builder All.

You can buy the Basic Membership here for $29.99/month or $9.90.

Also, you can get the 2-tier Commercial Licence for $126.99 or $49.90(special for you for a limited time) and start making 100% commissions instantly.

Bonuses for BuilderAll

The bonuses may no longer be available the moment you leave this page.

Bonus 1: The 7 DEADLY Email Marketing Sins

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Bonus 2: Ultimate Traffic Mantra

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Bonus 3: FREE Traffic Frenzy

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Bonus 4: Commission BluePrint

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Bonus 5: FB LiveWire

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Bonus 6: List Building On Steroids

BuilderAll Review 2018: The Ultimate #1 Internet Marketing Platform Suite?

Is There Support?


You get access to the Private Facebook Group for Builder All members Only.

In addition, there are also weekly live training where you can learn a new skill inside BuilderAll.

One can also contact their Friendly support via email.

Who Is BuilderAll for?

By now, you are aware that BuilderAll is such a great Platform. Not only because of the affordable price but also the tools that you get all under one roof.

  • Complete newbies: Starting a drag and drop website builder, sales funnels and landing pages has NEVER been easier than this!
  • Product Creators: How much do you pay for your sales page to be built professionally? Needless to say, you’ll need to collect emails, follow up with an autoresponder,  have a social proof and a sales funnel. BuilderAll will cater all those needs
  • Affiliate Marketers: Are you already into affiliate marketing & Making Money Online? BuilderAll is a great Platform to promote to build trust and credibility.
  • App Developers: Developing an app has never been easier than within BuilderAll. Whether you’re just starting out or you are already a pro.
  • Web Developers: yes, you can build responsive websites for your clients
  • Email Marketers: How much do you pay your current email services provider like Convertkitor Aweber? With up to 10,000 subscribers, it’s hard to believe someone can resist buying BA.
  • Companies & co-operates: Don’t you need a professionally built website with everything that you’ll need to make sales, build credibility and attract more clients?
  • YOU!

BuilderAll at a Glance

Name      : BuilderAll

Website  :

Owner     : Eric Salgado

Price       : $29.99, $97, $126.99

Category: All-in-One Marketing Tool

Verdict   : Recommended

BuilderAll Comparison

You might be wondering.

What is the difference between BuilderAll and a certain tool,  plugin, service or course you are taking? This section will try to capture some.

1. BuilderAll vs Sumo

Sumo(Previously SumoMe) is a WordPress plugin with some of the most powerful tools.

Here are the similarities:

  • Share locker
  • Heatmaps
  • Browser notification.

Sumo misses:

  • Social Proof
  • Facebook integration tools

In terms of price, they are almost the same but there are even more tools found in BuilderAll.

2. BuilderAll vs Aweber Vs ConvertKit

You are probably aware that Aweber and Covertkit leaders the World of Email Marketing.


What about pricing and deliverability?

With BuilderAll you’ll pay the same price for up to 10,000 subscribers.

With Convertkit, you’ll pay $79

BuilderAll wins Here.

3. BuilderAll vs Click Funnels

Spoiler Alert!

Would you buy ClickFunnels if they gave you 90% off discount?

Take BuilderAll now then and start profiting instantly.

Everything that can be done with Clickfunnels can be Done with BuilderAll to.

Love gossiping?

A lot of people have left ClickFunnels for BuilderAll. So, you might be the only one left behind and Russel Brunson the Owner of ClickFunnels Explains the difference Between ClickFunnels and BuilderAll.

4. BuilderAll vs OptimizePress

For WordPress users, you probably know that OptimizePress is one of the cheapest Landing pages builders available.

In fact, you don’t need to commit to paying monthly.

If you just want to build pages and don’t want to switch from WordPress, OptimizePress is the Perfect choice for you since you pay $97 one time.

If you want more than that including autoresponder for up to 10,000 subscribers, ready-made niche funnels and more.(You’ll see others when you get your copy)

5. BuilderAll vs Wealthy Affiliate


What are your expectations?

BuilderAll has so much as compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Found in both Wealthy Affiliate and BuilderAll:

  • The Affiliate program
  • Training
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Website Builder
  • Live Weekly Video Classes

What is Found in Wealthy Affiliate Alone:

  • The Community inside the members’ area
  • 1.3 Million Strong members and aspiring entrepreneurs is unbeatable
  • The Most Advanced Keyword Tool
  • Classrooms
  • One-on-one coaching with the Founders
  • Incentive for Super Affiliates(You’ll get a ticket to Vegas Fully paid if you make only 300 sales a year)
  • SiteDomains. Yes, You can register a domain Inside Wealthy Affiliate

What Make BuilderAll Unique:

  • Autoresponder
  • App Builder(Facebook app, mobile app and more)
  • Sales page and opt-in page Builder(This would cost you additional $97 if you are hosting with Wa)
  • Design Studio without a third-party App
  • Presentation Builder without having to shoot/record a video
  • Click map(up to $187 with Crazy Egg)
  • 2-tier Affiliate program
  • Real-time social proof on your sales pages
  • You keep the leads for your referrals
  • Incentives for Super Affiliates(Make 100 active sales, BuilderAll gives you a car)

By now, you know who is the WINNER here…

Be the judge.

Use your own due diligence since I laid down all the facts for you.

If you are already a Wealthy Affiliate, it’s one of the greatest and the largest Affiliate Marketing Community(1.3 Million strong and Growing). BuilderAll will save you money and time.

Instead of buying other tools like an autoresponder, landing page builder and other plugins that may compromise your website, Get yourself BuilderAll.

My Closing Thoughts On BuilderAll

It costs plenty of money to get all the tools you’ll need to run a successful WordPress Blog. You’ll need tools like Aweber, OptimizePress, Sumo and more.

All these tools cost money. Needless to say, they are not all in one place, one has to get them separately.

BuilderAll is Here to your rescue.


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  13. This sounds like an interesting product, however my one main concern is with traffic.

    I’m assuming you will be given free landing pages at which you can drive traffic too — but if your not building a blog, I’m assuming you will have to pay for the traffic.

    I’m sure this can get quite costly, but is this indeed how you get traffic, or do they teach other ways?

    Also if it’s paid traffic how money are you having to spend per month?

    • You are taught how to Drive Unlimited Leads in any Niche, there is to need to worry about traffic.

      Just keep in mind that FREE methods of Driving traffic like blogging, SEO & Social Media takes time to build up the ground but very reliable in big time.

      Don’t assume. They are landing pages builders, blog builder and more. That mean that you can still Build a professional Blog on their platform and rely on FREE traffic without paying a cent on ads.(hint:ads help you get faster results when done the right way)

      The cost of BuilderAll cannot be compared to what is already available in the market. I did a thorough comparison with some of the tools out there. $29.99 a month for all the Tools is a no brainier!

      It’s your business. Spending is completely up to you. Ideally, while starting out, the cos should be less untill you optimize your campaigns for profit.

      See you there Michael.

  14. BuilderAll is a platform I have never heard of…

    It’s great pity it doesn’t have a plugin for WordPress as that would have been a great incentive for people to buy it!

    I totally agree with you about the amount of time one has to put in during the beginning stages of building an online business. You might as well enjoy the ride.

    • Pleasure to introduce you to BuilderAll.

      BuilderAll is a non-WordPress Website Builder just like Wix. So, don’t expect it to have plugin soon because it is independent.

  15. I have heard of builderall when browsing through my social media and the idea of an all in one platform to make an online business online and the cost seems a little too high to be comfortable when starting out, but after reading this article, I think I may give this a try but what’s really deterring me is the fact that they don’t utilise WordPress, which I have been working with a very long time.

      • Awesome Todd. Just saw that you won a car already. Congratulations!

        Looking forward to building a 7 figure business.

    • Todd is already a success using BuilderAll. I am also making money like clockwork with the platform. Yiu can too get a slice of the hot cake.


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