Hiding personal Data means which are not sharable with others either it is Pictures, videos, Documents anything which is our personal, off course we have to maintain privacy in which are means our personals. I think you guys had tried/using some of the apps to hide your personal data and some of you Smartphone had an option of hiding apps and files by Default. But not all the Smartphone’s are having those features.  It Doesn’t Matter and we have take a look that this app is either safe or not safe to save or to hide our personal data in those apps I mean there are many apps in the play store to hide apps and personal data but Google has removed some of the Apps from the play store which are harmful to us and they are stealing our personal data without our permission. Recently we have seen Google has removed some of the Face Beauty apps and some of the VPN Apps from the Play store those are too dangerous if we use those apps or installed in our devices. We can’t Trust every app in the play store is safe and Google is not providing any guarantee But they are providing security to us once we installed any app Google play scans everything that app is safe or not They are taking every step to keep safe and secure of the every android users.

Today I’m discussing a “trick” that helps you a lot to hide Personal Data without using any apps. Most of the Peoples had heard about the small hidden trick to hide your personal Data, When Before there are no apps to hide your data once those are introduced in the play store we have forgotten everything and those smart ways to hide personal data. We know our mobile is not in our hands always it is with our friend but sometimes we feel insecure before giving mobile to our friends and relatives. We know what our friends will do in our smartphones installing apps, downloading Media related files and cute smart-things sending a request for a girl in facebook and other social media services.

So, Guys try this trick before installing those apps to hide data. Let’s have a look at how and what was the process to hide your personal data without using Any Apps.

  1. Open your File Manager App and select your folder/file to hide.
  2. Tap and Hold to see some of the options, you can see the option “Rename” option
  3. We have to Rename the folder or file by simply adding a Dot (“.”) Before the first letter of your App. Ex: Whatsapp (Default) —>>>”.Whatsapp”  (to hide).
  4. A pop-up appears on the screen it says once you “Rename” this file/folder it hides the App.
  5. Click “OK” to see that your folder/file are not visible to you now.
  6. If the file is still showing up open your file manager settings and Turn off the option “Display Hidden Files”.
  7. To View, your Hidden files/folder open your settings and Enable the option “Display Hidden Files”.

A simple Trick which is not-complicated and safe for using to hide ANY TYPE file formats. Hide your files infraction of seconds once Before Installing Apps from Playstore and Third party resource.

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