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Android devices are designed to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. These tasks include making calls, texts, listening to music, watching videos and not to forget playing games. All these functions including heavy animations on your device cause lot of battery drain and overheating issue on your device. When your device starts overheating it gradually start diminishing performance of the device. To avoid such a situation, you can make some changes in device settings and follow some basic rules for better device performance. Let’s discuss few steps to fix the heating problem in Android device.

1. Use Wi-Fi/3G/4G only when required

When you keep your device always on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network, it consumes a lot of system resources. While on Wi-Fi network, your device keeps sniffing out networks nearby, even when you don’t require it. 3G and 4G networks consume more device resources compared to the 2G network. It also keeps all the services activated all the time in the background. All these reasons not only consume device resources but also cause battery heat problem. To avoid this, use these networks only when required and prefer 2G network for your regular work as 2G network signals are stronger and device need to do less work while searching for it.

2. Stop Background Services

Your device keeps on running plenty of apps in the background all the time to provide you notifications related to that. These apps include many unnecessary apps as well, which only use device resources and affect speed and performance. When these apps run continuously in the background they cause a heating problem in your device. To avoid this, you can consider stopping all unnecessary background services. To do this, go to Settings > Developer Options > and select “Running Services”. In some devices, you can directly find it in Application Manager > Running Apps. Now go to the resource consuming app and press “Stop” to immediately stop the service from running in the background. Alternatively, you can consider using Android cleaner apps to clean background services instantly and effectively.

3. Disable Animations

Animations make your device look good but they cost heavy on device resources. They increase the load on device processor and RAM causing heat issue on your device. To disable animations or slow them down you need to activate “Developer Options” on your device first. To do this, go to Settings > About Device and tap multiple times on “Build Number” option until a message pops up “You are now a developer”. In some devices, you can simply find the developer options in Settings under System. Now go to “Developer Options” screen and slide at the top to turn it ON. Find animation related options there like Window animation scale, transition animation Scale and Animator duration scale and turn them off or reduce the scale of animation.

4. Avoid long duration heavy gaming

Gaming on Android smartphones is an essential part of any users’ daily life. You keep on spending hours playing your favorite games but then it comes with its own limitations. When you spend, hours playing your favorite game on your Android device it ends up heating your device considerably. Especially when you are playing graphic-intensive 3D games and other heavy games it tends to use more processor, GPU, and RAM on your device, which eventually causes overheating of your device. The heating problem on Android devices is not limited to low or mid-range devices but it is visible even on high-end flagship phones too. Overheating may also cause due to design issues or provisioning of vents on the smartphone. To deal with you can consider avoiding long hours heavy gaming and taking breaks during it.

5. Don’t use the device while charging

This is the cardinal rule you should follow to avoid the heating problem on your device. Avoid making calls, using data services, playing games or watching videos while charging as due to all this processor of your device will come under heavy stress and start overheating your device. To avoid such a situation and for your personal safety avoid using the device while charging. As many recent reports suggest blast in the device while using the device on charging.

You can follow these simple steps for instant and effective results. When you manage to avoid overheating problem on your device it eventually starts performing well. Fixing this problem with few simple tweaks can improve your device performance significantly.


Due to multitasking on your Android device it starts causing a heating problem on it. The heating issue on your device affects its performance. To deal with it, you can follow few simple steps for better Android performance.

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