We are totally comfortable in sharing Media files likes photos, videos, etc..in WhatsApp for everyone right off course everyone vote for this, If you want to hide any personal Media files from your phone Gallery /we have an Amazing feature in WhatsApp that keeps your files hide from Gallery without using any hiding apps. Most of you guys hadn’t used this feature in Whatsapp. So it time to know this feature and start using it.

Here is the process to do:

  1. Open your Whatsapp and select a person.
  2. Tap on his profile or Name to see the details and some options.
  3. You can an option “Media Visibility” open it to see a Dialogue Box which shows you some options.
  4. It shows a Message Do you want to show Downloaded WhatsApp Media Files in your Phone Gallery??
  5. By Default, it enables the Option “Yes” that means it shows Every downloaded media files in your Phone Gallery.
  6. So, now we have to Hide Media Content by selecting the option “NO” – it Means it doesn’t show any New Media files from this chat in your Phone’s Gallery From Now.
  7. To see all your Media content Files tap on the DP or Name to see all your Media content you can Access your Media files.
  8. We have to enable to Option “Yes or Default Yes” to get back all your media content in your Gallery.

Trick of the Article: If you want to hide total Media content of your Whatsapp, Rename the filename Media by adding (“.”) in front of the first letter of “.M” in the Word of Media, to know More Look at my previous Article “How to Hide Personal Data without using Any Apps.


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