top 10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

The number or level of importance of the sensitive information the smartphone holds cannot be overlooked. This makes it necessary to come up with different ways and measures that can be taken to make sure that the smartphone is safe and is free from hackers. The need to keep the smartphone safe makes the infographic to discuss tips on how to protect the smartphones from hackers and keep it in good shape.

Dangerous things people do with their smartphones

In this section, we will talk better on the effects most of our careless actions can have on our smartphones. The first one here goes to the teens and young adults take nude photos and videos on their devices.

20% of teenagers sent nude pictures of themselves via text or shared through social media. Some young people see sending nude pictures or videos to their lovers as a way of showing love, but this is not safe to do. A study shows that 17% of the recipients forward these pictures or videos to another person.

Regardless of how you feel about a person, it is not safe for you to send your naked pictures or videos to them. Another thing we do that endangers the safety of our private life and information is turning your location settings on when posting a picture.

As we all know, the social media is a big world, and a big world comprises of different kinds of people. Some of those people are just waiting for a mistake from you, which they will convert into an opportunity for themselves. Not everyone should know where you are or what you are up to, for security reasons try to make sure your location settings are off when posting a picture or video online.

In addition, fraudsters have designed different methods to defraud people. One of their methods is to call you and pretend to be speaking from your bank. The safe thing to do here is not to disclose any of your confidential information with anybody that calls you.

If you are worried or have any complaint to lodge, go to the bank and have a physical communication with the appropriate people. Finally, it is necessary to buy a phone case immediately you get a new phone. This protects the phone when it falls and prevents you from unnecessary damages.

Infographic: Top 10 Most Dangerous Things People Do With Their Smartphone

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