After Samsung’s exploding smartphones, it’s Apple’s turn to explain an incident involving an Ohio resident who claims that his iPhone XS Max caught fire and then exploded while in his pocket earlier this month.

The man, identified only as J. Hillard, revealed to iDrop News what happened on Dec. 12 around 3 p.m. in Columbus, Ohio. Note that the incident happened a couple of weeks ago but was only publicized now, and that’s because the iPhone XS Max user tried getting the attention of Apple.

Exploding iPhone XS Max

Hillard narrated he was on a lunch break when the unthinkable happened to his then just three-week-old iPhone XS Max. He started smelling something that seemed to be coming from his rear pocket, in which his smartphone was specifically located.

Coincidentally, he noticed something hot and then shortly afterward, felt a burn on his skin. Then, his iPhone XS Max started emitting green and yellow fumes, prompting him to exit the area and onto another room to remove his pants because Hillard said there was a woman with him in the break room.

“I ran to the boardroom where I got my shoes and pants off as fast as possible. A VP of our company put the fire out with a fire extinguisher because he heard me yelling,” he divulged.

The fire caused not just literally and figuratively a hole in his pocket, but he allegedly experienced pain in the buttocks area, where he pocketed his iPhone XS Max. Not only that, but Hillard complained of inhaling a huge amount of smoke since the incident started.

Catching The Attention Of Apple

In the evening, he brought the burnt iPhone XS Max to the Apple Store, but after a long waiting period and feeling disappointed with customer service and a lot of hullabaloos, he retrieved his gadget and went home. The victim then contacted the care line of the tech company, when a senior specialist asked for details, including pictures of the unit and any injury, if there were any.

The next day, he talked with a supervisor from the Apple Care line who only offered a replacement of his iPhone XS Max. However, Hillard knew he needed more than just a new smartphone, like compensation for his damaged things and the incurred injury.

The man said he was thinking of taking things against Apple legally. However, take this with a grain of salt as apart from the iDrop News, the veracity of the claims had not been verified, although the man said a security camera captured the whole incident.


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