LG V30

Rs 49990

Design and Build












Battery Life


Value for Money



  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Wireless Charging
  • Gorilla Glass 5
  • OLED Display
  • Waterproof, IP68


  • Non-Removable Battery
  • Cameras are good but not great
  • Quite Expensive
  • Hybrid SIM

The LG V30 seems to hit all the pillars of a great smartphone; it’s got a good screen, good performance, solid battery life, a wicked good camera and a design that’s functional durable and beautiful.

It’s also got an audio jack because after paying $700 for a smartphone, I better be able to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. But is it really that good or is a spec sheet just missing something? Let’s take a look at LG V30 review together to find out the answer to above questions.

LG V30 Review – The Closest Competitor for Samsung

LG V30 Review: Design and Display

The V30 looks nothing short of gorgeous, especially in Moroccan blue. Gone are the sharp edges and despite being 158 grams, it feels much lighter.

Although the V30 refines the V-Series style, it promises some drop durability and an IP68 rating. Although the phone can catch some fingerprints, they’re not too noticeable and while we’re here, we’ve got to applaud LG’s placement of the fingerprint reader; dead centre, where it’s supposed to be when on the back. From the front, the V30 can be mistaken for the S8 plus is shorter than her cousin.

The V30 6-inch OLED display looks and feels like Samsung’s infinity displays but without the curved edges. Color-wise, it runs a little on the cool side although you can choose different colour regimes and settings. At max brightness, even direct sunlight won’t be a problem. The phone also features an always-on display.

LG V30 Review – The Closest Competitor for Samsung

LG V30 Review: Speaker

Not only does the phone have the headphone jack but it supports Hi-Fi audio for optimizing sound on connected headsets and offers 4EQ (equalizer) presets; sadly there are no custom equalizer options for now. The V30 also supports HD audio recording; the speakers sound good but the bass is still a little lacking.

LG V30 Review: Software

The V30 runs Android Nougat 7.1.2 and there’s an Android 8 update and works. While you won’t get stock Android, the phone is bursting at the seams with options. You can choose to go with an app door without adding an extra icon to the home touch buttons or pick an alternative theme.

You can lower the phone’s vibration or use the phone smart doctor to optimize the phone. There’s also smart settings that are just automatically depending on whether you’re at work or not.

Most notable is the floating bar which replaces the secondary display. It allows access to your contacts, music or other shortcuts. The cost of all this functionality is a bunch of pre-installed apps you can’t delete; at least you can hide them!

LG V30 Review – The Closest Competitor for Samsung

LG V30 Review: Hardware and Performance

The V30 has respectable battery life and lasts slightly longer than the G6. Sadly battery capacity isn’t infinite. The phone has a USB-C port and supports quick charge 3 for a quick top-up.

The chipset and the 4GB RAM allows for multitasking and heavy app use without much slowdown if any. If you’re really a multimedia junkie, it also has expandable storage.

LG V30 Review – The Closest Competitor for Samsung

LG V30 Review: Camera

The V30 is rocking a versatile dual camera setup. There’s one 16-megapixel primary camera with optical image stabilization and autofocus, and there’s a second 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera without OAS and autofocus.

LG V30 Review – The Closest Competitor for Samsung

The photo quality isn’t much different from the G6 which was great, to begin with. There are slightly more detail and slightly less noise. Curiously the ultra wide-angle lens is slightly less wide than previous generations; maybe to reduce the fisheye effect.

Low-light shots can get a little noisy but they’re well balanced and offer a lot of detail.

Sample of Photos Taken by LG V30 Camera

The camera app itself is versatile too; as you zoom in and out, it automatically switches cameras in order to capture the best image.

There’s a gallery filmstrip on the side, which I found especially useful for faster workflow. If you dig in further, there’s a manual mode with a host of options and even you presets for getting a specific look. There’s also a 360-degree panorama capability and a guided shot that uses pictures in your gallery to help you match compositions.

The V30 allows for 4k video and footage is even optically stabilized if you use the main camera. It’s not the smoothest we’ve seen but it’ll level out hand vibrations. The footage has slightly more details and warmer tone than the LG G6, however, it’s also slightly noisier. With cinnamon, there’s a host of options for video creators.

The LG’s analogue mode records video with a flatter gamma curve, so you have more room for colour grading your videos to achieve a more cinematic look. You can also have the phone colour grade your clips in real time without losing video quality.

LG V30 Review – The Closest Competitor for Samsung

Point Zoom is another great option! You can pre-select a portion of the frame and zoom smoothly to that instead of the centre.

With a phone so full of awesome features, the mediocre selfie camera is surprisingly disappointing. Photos lack detail and colours are bland; at least the camera allows for wide-angle shots, so you can fit friends or an awesome background in your shot.

Final verdict

The V30 LG has made a phone that has a little bit for everyone. It’s debatable, whether this phone has the best screen, the best camera or even the best extra features; but it has a complete and awesome package of stuff that you will actually use in your day to day life. I’m glad to say that LG has nailed it with this one.



  1. LG is always better than samsung because LG starts trends like qhd screen and 18:9 ratio design and all others follows. And LG V30 is no exception with its wide angle camera and quad dac.


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