Moto C

Rs 6299

Design and Build












Battery Life


Value for Money



  • VoLTE enabled
  • Front flash
  • Available in many colours


  • Less RAM
  • Poor camera
  • Poor display

Motorola or Lenovo declared their budget or entry level offering the Moto C in India a week ago. While most of the Moto gadgets have been online only, the company announced Moto C for the offline market to compete with online only smartphones like Redmi 4A and Redmi 4. The Moto C accompanies a 5 inch FWVGA display and is powered by a Quad Core Mediatek chipset and 1GB RAM and 16GB storage. In the camera department, it has 5MP back camera and 2MP front facing camera with flash and Android 7.0 Nougat.

Going by the specifications, the Moto C does not awe for the Rs.6,299 pricing it is offered at, however how can it perform? Let’s find out in this detailed Moto C Review.

Moto C Review: Very Basic Smartphone

Design and Build: Moto C Review

Looking at the Moto C, you get the feeling that since the smartphone is an entry level budget device, Lenovo has not given much priority to the design part. It looks like any other ultra budget smartphones with a plastic body and removable back panel. The back camera has a similar set up to Moto G5 Plus with a projected round unit. The back panel has a matte finish panel which actually looks great with Moto logo below the camera and speaker unit at the bottom. The power and volume keys are on the right side, while the micro USB charging slot and 3.5mm audio jack are at the top. The back panel is removable and it has dual SIM cards and a micro SD card slots.

The front looks dull with a 5 inch FWVGA display, front 2MP camera with LED flash and three capacitive touch buttons. While the build quality looks decent for the price segment, the design does not inspire.

Display: Moto C Review

Moto C accompanies a 5 inch FWVGA display with a resolution of 854X 480 pixels. For a smartphone released in 2017, FWVGA display looks quite disappointing and the display colors look washed out with the low resolution. The viewing angles are entirely poor and the touch response is just average.

It is quite disappointing to see Lenovo launching a smartphone with a FWVGA display. The display on Moto C is disappointing.

Moto C Review: Very Basic Smartphone

Software: Moto C Review

Moto smartphones are mostly known for software which is often the most recent version. Moto C comes with Android Nougat, but it is version 7.0 and now 7.1.2. The UI is quite similar to what we have seen on most Moto gadgets with stock Android experience. The notification center and quick toggles are exactly as in stock UI. The smartphone comes with application drawer similar to the other Moto smartphones.

Unlike other Moto smartphones, the Moto C does not come with the Moto app which provides additional gestures. It comes with FM radio app, other than this there are no pre-loaded apps on the smartphone. If you want a basic, simple UI, the Moto C provides a good software experience particularly for individuals who love stock Android.

Performance: Moto C Review

Moto C is powered by Meditek MT6737T quad core processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. In day to day tasks, the Moto C struggled in performance with only 1GB of RAM and you could see some lags while using apps and opening apps. The performance would have been better if Lenovo had delivered with 2GB of RAM.

The gaming of the smartphone was just average and with high graphic settings, it was lagging performance. But playing games in medium graphic setting was much better option and gave decent experience. But with the FWVGA display, the device is not a great option even for basic games.

The smartphone comes with 16GB of internal storage and you get close to 10GB of storage in the first boot. There is also microSD card extension slot along with dual SIM cards. The call quality of the smartphone was great and it supports VoLTE.

Camera: Moto C Review

Moto C comes with basic camera options which incorporates a 5MP shooter on the back with a LED flash and a 2MP front shooter with LED flash. The camera seems to be very basic for a smartphone priced Rs.6,299 in India.

Moto C Review: Very Basic Smartphone

The camera interface is again pretty the Moto interface we have seen on other Moto smartphones and has video, photo and panorama modes. Video recording is limited to HD or 720P. Looking at the camera tests, you could actually see the camera to be very basic with low quality in daylight captures. The colours are washed out and clarity is just average. The low light is noisy. The selfie camera is again disappointing with poor clarity and noise. Despite the fact that there is a front flash, it doesn’t help with selfies. Overall, the camera is a huge disappointment. Here are some of the samples.

Battery: Moto C Review

Moto C comes with a 2350mAh battery and the performance is just average. The battery capacity is also on the lower side comparing to the competition. With moderate usage, you can get a day of battery life and not more than that.


With the Moto C, Lenovo is looking to focus the entry level audience with latest Android Nougat. But the great things end there. With low resolution display, low capacity battery, 1GB of RAM and poor camera, Moto is asking for a very high price compared to competition. It is hard to recommend the Moto C, the Redmi 4A and Redmi 4 offering better value for money. Lenovo had a good opportunity with Moto to give Xiaomi some competition, but Moto C is a missed opportunity and a disappointing offering from Lenovo.


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