Opera has reset the sync passwords for all its services in the wake of a hack in the sync servers, after the Opera hack attempt. The extent of damage caused by this compromise is yet to be ascertained but as a cautionary measure Opera has reset the passwords for all of its users.

Data breaches are no rare occurrence and the latest victim seems to be the Opera browser users. It is very unlikely of the hackers to target the Browsers sync services but this time around they did so with Opera. The company, however, is in a damage control mode and is requesting its users to change the passwords. As a matter of fact, Opera has already begun resetting the sync passwords and is also requesting users to change the third-party passwords linked with the browsers.

On the much brighter side unlike Chrome a majority of Opera users don’t use the browsers sync features. This means that not all of its 350-Million users are at peril, however, still, 1.7 million users might be affected by the breach which in itself is a pretty huge number. The company has not yet revealed the impact of the attack and the type of credentials that are most likely to be compromised. Also, it is breaches like this that Opera should have avoided especially after its recent sale to a Chinese consortium.

This is what Opera had to say about the attack “Earlier this week, we detected signs of an attack where access was gained to the Opera sync system. This attack was quickly blocked. Our investigations are ongoing, but we believe some data, including some of our sync users’ passwords and account information, such as login names, may have been compromised.

If you are an Opera user head over to the password resetting page to get your new password. Opera is also quick in pointing out that the active number of users of Opera last month stood at 1.7-Million which is less than 0.5% of the 350-Million, a statistic that Opera would have otherwise hesitated to reveal. The takeaway of this entire episode is the cautionary measures that Opera took and the fact that no data is safe from the intruders be it the sync services or actual credentials.

Opera Sync System Hacked, Passwords of 1.7 million Users Reset
Email received from Opera

Full email received from Opera Security Team

Dear Opera sync user,

We wanted to let you know that in order to protect your Opera sync account we have reset your password. In order to continue to synchronize your data, you will have to go to the Opera sync service and make a new one.

The reason we have done this is because we detected an attack on some of our Opera sync servers. Our investigations are continuing but we believe some of our users’ passwords (that are still encrypted or securely hashed) and account information such as login names may have been compromised. As a precautionary measure, we have reset all of the Opera sync users’ passwords. In an abundance of caution, we also encourage you to change any passwords to third party sites that you have synchronized through the Opera sync service.

To regain access to Opera sync, click “Forgot password” from the synchronize dialog in the Opera browser menu and then create a new password.

We take your data security very seriously and want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you.

Thank you for your cooperation,
The Opera sync team


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