Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Citrus-CAF Official Android 7.1.2 Nougat ROM for Redmi Note 4

Citrus-CAF, unlike the name suggests, was initially based on CyanogenMod, in the early days of Marshmallow, we even had another name at that point. Later, taking into consideration feedbacks of the very first slew of testers and carefully studying the needs and demands of our users, we rebased the project to Code Aurora Sources, more commonly known as CAF. Time went by and Nougat released, and we decided that it was time, Citrus-CAF had to see the daylight. We rebased everything to the brank spanking Nougat released. Later we realized the true potential of CAF tags, how each of them altered the device performance on different SOCs. After a lot of thinking, we decided to keep different sources for difference SOCs in our git and hours of debugging later, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 was the first device to get a taste of our Tangy Nougat. In the beginning, it was just two people behind, but in time, a lot of people joined us, as each giving their own contributions.

Citrus-CAF was built to create an amazing combination of customization, performance and most of the demanded features by our users, whereas we’ve Cardinal, to deliver minimal customizations, but the greatest stability!

Meanwhile, all of our Tangy sources are publicly available on our Github. We also do own a Google+ Community, where you can…. uhm… you know, do what all others do at forums and communities! (Just kidding, we got builds over there and a feature-wish bucket too :P) Hope you enjoy your stay and taste the Tanginess of our work!

Out of lemon, with love!
NOTE: There’s nothing like, “we’ve decided to keep the customizations minimum, so as to provide stock AOSP experience, but with necessary features”, cause this isn’t Cardinal. This is Citrus

**Custom Squash**

*QS and Status Bar tweaks*

– Battery percentage
– Battery Styles [Including AOSPA Style]
– Charging Symbol Near Charging Percentage [Flash Logo etc]
– Show AM/PM toggle
– Time alignment
– Battery LED (shows only if device supports)
– Lights with screen on (only if device supports)
– Play music QS, NFC, Reboot and many extra tiles
– Moved SystemUI to Custom Squash
– Quick Setting Customizations[Toggle for QS Tile Titles, Control number of columns and rows,up to 8 QS Tiles]
– Carrier label [Advanced]
– Network traffic
– Power Notification controls [By Default]
– Enable/Disable Logo on Status Bar
– Ticker Style [KK Style Notifications]
– Display Bluetooth Battery status
– Advanced Data, Bt, WiFi, Qs toggle
– USB tether Tile
– QS Header image
– Scrollable QQS Tiles
– Custom Header Included
– Weather Settings
– Citrus-CAF Logo, Custom Icons (Sports, Gaming, DC etc..) with 3 Positions (left, right, centre)
– Statusbar Weather
– Notification Count
– Battery Bar and Customizations
– Roaming indicator switch
– VoLTE Icon
– Media player Queue on Notification
– auto brightness toggle in QS
– Expanded desktop tile
– Data disabled icon toggle
– Reboot/recovery tile
– Camera sound toggle

*UI Tweaks*
– Expanded Desktop
– Wake on Plug Toggle
– Volume Steps
– Customize Other Sounds
– Less Notification Sound
– Increasing Ring
– Custom logos
– Unlink Notification and Ringer Volume
– Qs Quick pull-down
– Enabled Night Light
– Notification Lights and Customizations
– Option to Disable Safe Headsets volume
– Screen Color Controls
– Screenshot Type Toggle
– Custom Squash Summary Text
– Google Assistant enabled by default [Needs Gapps ]
– FP Unlock (Unlock Device with FP after Reboot)
– New Ambient Stuff
– Add importance level to block lock screen notification
– Locksceen Rotation
– Immersive Recents
– Blur Personalization
– Restart SystemUI option in reboot menu
– Screen Recorder [Advanced]

– DUI – Fling & Smartbar & Pulse
– Full Hardware key custom rebinding
– Disable HW Buttons and Backlight (Control Backlight as well)
– Volume Rocker Wake
– Volume keys Music Playback control
– Volume up for DND
– Volume Down to exit DND
– Show/Hide DND switch on volume panel
– Force Volume key to control media volume
– Allow Home button when ringing
– Advanced Power Menu
– HW Key Screen Pinning

*Lock Screen*
– Lockscreen visualizer toggle
– Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
– Lockscreen media art toggle
– Lockscreen Items
– Lockscreen Charging Info
– FP Unlock at start
– Lockscreen torch
– Lockscreen Shortcuts
– Enable/Disable haptic feedback for successful fingerprint authentication
– Display Music Visualizer
– OmniJaws weather on lock screen
– Locksceen Rotation

– Enable/Disable SIM Cards [Device Specific]
– Toast Icon
– App OPS
– Custom Summary
– Clear All Fab
– Memory Bar at recents
– One Handed Mode
– Three Finger Screenshot
– Scrolling Cache
– Where to play Ringtones from
– Omni Music FX
– Accidental Touch feature
– Ambient Lift-to-Wake
– Battery status on Ambient display
– Jelly Browser[Integrated]
– Margarita Theme [Our own Tangy Citrus Theme]
– Sensor block per-package
– Added ADB over network, Accidental Touch, Notification, Lift-to-Wake QS tile

– Full substratum support.

Installation Instructions

WARNING: This procedure will factory reset your device! Accounts, applications, settings, contacts, etc will be lost, so make sure to backup them before going further!

  1. First, make sure that you have flashed TWRP Recovery.
  2. Download the file Rom zip file from the download section below to and place it on your phone.
  3. Next Download the file OpenGApps for ARM64  to your phone from the links below.
  4. Now reboot your device into Recovery mode by holding Power button with Volume Up + Volume Down button simultaneously.
  5. In Recovery mode first format user data, cache and Dalvik cache and do a factory reset.
  6. After that choose to Install and install the ROM and the GApps zip files.
  7. After the process completes reboot your device.

That’s it, first boot will take time after that choose your language and complete the setup process.




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