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I was looking for a way to cast my Android screen to my mac and PC. And all the popular suggestions, I found on the Internet were not good enough. Most screen mirroring apps has ads and watermark. While others have an unjustified price and this got me wondering – How come this common problem has no simple solution? So, I started doing my research. And finally found a very simple solution. It’s free, works on every platform and there are no intrusives ads. In fact, it can work wirelessly even without WiFi which no other app can do that. And the best (or should I say worst) part is – No one on the Internet is talking about it. And I won’t blame them, I had that app on my phone for 2 years, even I didn’t know, I could use it Mirror my Android screen to my computer. So, which is this app?

Well, let’s find out!


Okay, so the first thing that comes to mind, when we talk about casting Android screen to big screen is Chromecast. The good thing about chromecast is – it has the least latency heck, I was even able to play games wirelessly, which (spoiler alert) is not possible in any other available options that we’ll see soon. However, the only downside is – You cannot use Google chromecast on laptops and Macbook.

Wireless display

Next popular solution in screen mirroring apps is Wireless display.

So, if you are few of those lucky ones who can see, enable wireless display option in the cast screen display settings. Then you can use Windows connect feature to directly cast your android screen to PC, no software needed. Now, I tried this on 4 different android smartphone from Moto, Samsung to Xiaomi and this feature work none of them. So, there are fewer chances, that’ll work for most of you.

Other popular screen mirroring apps

Next popular screen mirroring apps suggestion on the Internet is apps like All cast, Mirror Go, Vysor etc. Now, if you look for these apps rating on google play – You’ll see two things – All have millions of download and all have rating around 3 (which is like – I don’t know your app sucks). So, why is that?

Well, one reason is all these apps have intrusive pop up ads, big watermark on the screen and unjustified price. And even after, they don’t work quite well. Though, it’s not a developer fault. For instance, the popular solution All Cast worked fine on my Mac, but on my windows PC, it didn’t get detected. I found many people who rated the app low, had the same issue. After checking the description, I saw that it was because of Windows firewall. Once I disabled it (or you can add an exception), the app just worked fine. Still not the prettiest solution because of the on-screen watermark. For any reason, if you want to use these apps, I will recommend – Screen Stream.


Which when use with USB, can also let you control your Android from your computer. But still, all these apps have – ads, limited free version, and high price.

Airdroid, the best screen mirroring app

A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS
A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS
  • A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS
  • A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS

And this brings us to the final solution which is – “Airdroid”. Yes, it can do screen mirroring better than other apps. So, Download the Airdroid app from google play store and open it. Now, this part is important and awesome you can either create a new account Or skip it. If you have both your computer and android under same wifi network, like if you in your home and you want to show or share pictures with your family. Then use the Wifi, no need to sign up.

Here, you’ll see an IP address on your android app. Type that in your computer browser. Doesn’t matter if its windows, Mac, Linux or even a Chromebook. And press enter and confirm login on your phone, and there we go.

Now the next part is quite a un obviously there is no direct screencast option, which I will ask the developer to add in future. But anyways, for now, you need to tap, on screenshot icon, and it’ll send a confirmation on your android. Press OK, and there you have your android screen. Now, the good part is, it works all the time, it’s free with no ads popping around and the watermark is also at the side and not on the screen.

Now, let’s consider another case, say, you want to give a quick presentation at some conference and there you don’t have WiFi. Then, create an Airdroid account. Turn on your mobile data. On your computer web browser type and then repeat the same thing. There you have your Android screen. The latency will depend on your internet connection. But shouldn’t be more if you are on 4G or higher.

Overall, Airdroid is the only app that can do all these awesome stuff for free, and yet, no one talk about it. Well this is all for now

In fact, it’s quite funny to see companies are selling mediocre screen mirroring apps for a high price or bundling with tons of ads. All that, when they know, someone else is providing a better service with no cost. One word – Marketing!


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