Prisma for Android? Everyone cracy about photo editing is still waiting for Android Prisma App. We are listing the top 5 Prisma alternatives for android.

With the plethora of selfie apps out there, one’s hitch to take the pictures would be resolved. But, taking the essential photos with an array of poses won’t make you a professional. Editing and adding the appropriate filters make it charm. Best part you don’t need any grasp to edit or add the filters to the photos you take.

The only caveat is to have the best apps to make the work easier. If you are an active social media enthusiast, then you might have heard of Prisma. One of the free photo editor app that changed the way of adding traditional photo filters. With the cool filters, that involve caricature, oil paints and a host of other filters. It makes the photos look unusual and something never made before.

But the sad part is, currently Prisma is only available for the Apple iOS users, though the Prisma developers promised launch for the Android platform in this month end. Most of us aren’t sustain the long duration. If you don’t have the patient enough to wait for the Prisma launch on Playstore, then you are in the right place.

Well, we have already shared the best Apps learn English. So we will list some of the cool alternative apps like Prima for Android to take amazing selfies. Let’s dive in.

1. Photo Lab

One of the great app to create a breathtaking picture without relying on Photoshop. Photo Lab is bundled with tons of photo filters, photo frames, realistic effects, collage and everything that you need for the perfect pic. The whopping 500+ effects will surely make the path clear for you.
Top 5  Photo Editors For Android 2016

Basically, you can quickly import the images and preview the edited image before saving. But an active internet connection is mandatory for exchanging the data. It won’t be a big deal; it would be when connectivity isn’t a viable option. A dedicated app like Photo Lab would be the way to go for selfie enthusiast.

2. Super Photo

The full-fledged app to add filters and change the layout of the photos. Best part, you can export the edited photo in full-HD format (1080p). When it comes to the filters, this app is not left behind. With over 1500+ filters, you can switch to different filters seamlessly.

Furthermore, you can add text, texture, add frame to cut the corners. But internet connectivity is essential to download the filters and effect. But, the out is something worth the attention. You won’t be annoyed with any ads and enjoy the awesome features out there.

3. PicsArt

Pics Art is the pocket studio to craft your photos for the enhanced look. Within the few tap, photos would be transformed anything as your wish. You can add texts, draw doodles, insert transparent or overlap other images, and make it stunning by incorporating filters, effects, etc. Being a free photo editor application, it doesn’t lack anything.
Top 5  Photo Editors For Android 2016

With a global enthusiast community, a doubt would be cleared at the infant stage. Advanced artistic brush is an easy tool to trim the corners and add the smoothness to the skin. Further, if you had added any filters it’d outperform most of the pics edited Prisma. Well, lately you can even grab the hands on GIFs by creating one for you. It isn’t going to be a pesky task with Pics Art.

4. Camera 360

Being one of the eminent player in the mobile photography industry, Camera 360 would be a feasible option in most of the instance. Well, if you are in search for Prisma for android, then you can give it a try. With the host of filters, effects, frames, and other things out there, you’ll be blessed with the creativity to explore. It enables you to take the cornerstone selfies or photos without any technical knowledge.

Well, the photo editor is one of the hallmarks to consider. With the pro features and ample options to use, it remains as the epic choice. Further, share your creativity within few taps on the social media.

5. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

The professional photo editor application out there that outperform Prisma in some instance. More than an app, it helps you to capture the awesome pics and selfies by implementing the filters and effects right away. And you can preview the captured images as well.

The black and white effect, HDR and heck 120+ filters help you in creating the visually stunning pics. When it comes to the filters and effect, Bonfire won’t disappoint you. Well, it do come with the basic and advanced editing tools.

Top 5  Photo Editors For Android 2016
Top 5  Photo Editors For Android 2016
Developer: Leonard_Wu
Price: Free+
  • Top 5  Photo Editors For Android 2016
  • Top 5  Photo Editors For Android 2016

If you are one who takes care of selfies or photos, then some similar apps like Prisma for android come handy. It helps you to add the filters to make it more charming.


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