Let’s make it clear: we all judged someone on the phone they were carrying. Whether you’re trying to figure out the personality of someone you have just met or want to identify Android fans in a coffee shop, you can learn a lot about a person over the smartphone they have. So let’s see what your phone says about you.

What kind of phone do you have?

iPhone: Either you are a hipster or you like having the latest technology.

Google Pixel: You are one of us. You know the secret greeting. You are welcome.

Galaxy S8: You love to boast. Money is not a problem. You may have gone from an iPhone 6s to this phone, or you may have bought every Galaxy smartphone from the S II.

Moto G5 Plus: Either you’re great at finding the latest bargain, or you’ve lost so many phones that it’s no use making sense to spend money on them.

Nokia 3310: Are you my father and still have an original? Or rather the typical nostalgic (retro-modern) friend who always breaks his phone. You love bragging about your battery that lasts two weeks but you lose all the hangouts because you do not have WhatsApp.

Lamborghini phone: Who do I want to cheat? Who has bought one of these? You have so much money that you have lost the north. So much so that you think spending $6,000 on a  smartphone-aberration is something acceptable.

What Your Smartphone Says About You

In what condition is your phone?

Immaculate condition: Either your phone is brand new or you take good care of your items, which means you probably have good personal hygiene and neat bedroom.

Scratched but with no other problem: Your phone has some scratched part but this does not make its operation bad. Phones need to have their own story.

Inside its case, but completely scratched: You think that having a case gives you carte blanche to treat your phone as if it were rubber. Your screen is scratched because your keys and your phone share pocket, and your headphones are full of lint.

Scratched screen for months: You do not care. You put on your clothes three or four times before putting it in the washing machine, you have not vacuumed your house in months, you keep ignoring that chirping in the car until the tire comes out and you always pay the bills late.

What Your Smartphone Says About You

What type of cover do you have?

Hello Kitty Glossy case: You are a ten-year-old girl. That or you spent a year of exchange in Tokyo and you’re looking for any excuse to tell people.

Without cover: You are a purist. Or just a little silly. If your phone is still perfect it’s because you take good care of things. Bravo. If your phone is broken, you’ve probably learned the lesson. You’ve probably committed some kind of infraction at the wheel and you don’t wear a helmet on your bike. Still, you prefer the good looks before security.

Leather case attached to your belt:  You’re the boss.

Transparent Hard Case: You know you need to use a case but you do not want to cover your precious phone in a horrible case. You do not prefer the good aspect to security, but rather you stay in the middle.

Rubber case or casing with battery:  You are practical and prefer functionality to appearances. You’re probably wearing knee pads on the bike. When you travel, your pants have 12 different pockets, all filled with all sorts of gadgets.

Wireless Charging or Window Case:  You love the added functionality. You want protection, quick access, additional features and full freedom. Every time a new phone comes out, you complain that it lacks critical functions.

What Your Smartphone Says About You

How is your home screen?

Default screen full of application icons:  Either you really like the appearance that comes from the factory or you’re just too lazy to change it. Surely you leave the protective plastic until it falls.

Personalised wallpaper With many folders: You like to make your phone identify you and want to organise your world as you like. Your bedroom was full of small posters and in college, you had your own unique and comprehensive reading method. Your computer has the same level of organisation.

Custom ROM and everything modified: You are original and want to have a smartphone experience that nobody has. You are proud to have found the best ROMs, wallpapers, launchers, and the best application icons that exist on Android. The hours you’ve spent personalising your phone have increased your diopters considerably, but it’s been worth it.

Pure Android despite having a ROM: You’re an adventurer and an Android purist at the same time. You love the look of pure Android but you need the extra personalization of a ROM.

Widgets everywhere: You like to have the information at your fingertips and you have a different attitude when synchronising and managing your resources. As long as you keep informed of everything, the rest is secondary. You are the kind of person who can get old by watching the hours on Reddit.

What Your Smartphone Says About You

Which one of these profiles are you in? Tell us about it in the comments.


  1. I love this post! I’m going to have to share it on Facebook now. Thanks for all the laughter as I went thru it, it was great. Oh, btw – it’s an iPhone, good condition, no cover and I think I’m gonna have to move to Google Pixel after reading this post. 😉


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