Android gaming is an incredibly interesting corner of the mobile industry to follow. With games coming out practically every day there’s always a lot to take stock of: the trendy genres, the hot developers, the reviews, and occasionally a whole new concept altogether. Even if you like to keep track of all this though, it can be difficult to match the pace of the actual gaming market. There’s just so much new content, all the time, that keeping up is easier said than done. It can be helpful then, sometimes, to pause and look at what’s really going on in Android gaming, which is what I’ll attempt to do here.

Reading recent developments and current trends and reports, these appear to be a few of the things that are just around the corner in Android gaming, and which we could well be talking about in the near future.

Fortnite Imitation

Though the mobile gaming sensation Fortnite is an iOS game, it’s been suggested that it could change Android gaming forever. The comment was made regarding its potential movement to Android platforms and various factors even including revenue models. But as we look at what could be around the corner for Android gaming, simple imitation could actually be the biggest effect of Fortnite (and PUBG). With their simple yet revolutionary gaming model of essentially dropping players into a multiplayer map for a free-for-all, these games could lead to all kinds of new twists on existing games. In a sense, Fortnite could almost become a genre. Imagine, for instance, a Pokémon twist on the game: you and 99 other players are dropped onto a map to hunt for Pokémon, catch them, and battle other trainers to the last man standing. That’s probably never going to happen, but it’s just one example of how Fortnite could inspire imitation.

Increasing Prevalence Of Slot Games

Slot games and other casino-type experiences are already fairly common on Android (and iOS for that matter), but they could become even more popular because they’re getting easier to play with real money. As of this summer, there were several prominent platforms facilitating phone bill-based payment, which takes the hassle of up-front deposits and payment processing out of this whole genre of gaming. Now, there are still legal issues that prevent people in certain areas from playing for real money, but where these games are available they’re only going to get bigger the easier it gets to spend on them. And if they keep getting bigger and better, their free versions in areas that don’t allow for real money gambling could also become more popular.

Hybrid AR Gaming

We’ve all ready and learned quite a bit about augmented reality gaming by now, and it’s well-known that AR remains the “next big thing” in mobile entertainment. One concept we haven’t seen quite as much about however is that of hybrid gaming, combining the physical with the virtual. We recently read about a Kickstarter that is attempting to do just this, merging tabletop gaming with augmented reality, and it seems to be a promising concept. It might not be unreasonable to expect new gaming boards and kits that are meant to be enjoyed on tabletops and activated, so to speak, via accompanying AR apps.

Continuing Franchise Integration

Slowly but surely, major entertainment franchises are gaining a bigger place in mobile gaming. Companies like Marvel and DC have been active for years. More recently, in just the last couple years, we’ve seen properties like Harry Potter and Pokémon moving into mobile gaming. At the same time, Sonic has become more prevalent, Capcom has put out a terrific Street Fighter game, and Nintendo finally put Mario into the medium. This may just prompt you to ask, what’s next? Will we see mobile games for Donkey Kong and Zelda? Might major film heroes like Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt get more advanced mobile games? It’s hard to say regarding these specific ideas, but the idea of more franchise integration certainly seems like something that’s going to happen.


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