Never before have we trained so much (with) our fingers. Since mobile applications have been installed on our mobile screens (and in our lives) there is no longer a step, stride, run or exercise that we are not able to copy, measure, archive, compare and share.

Apps also help us find offers or choose the group classes that best suit our current state of mind , because it is not the same to feel the need to hit a bag than to settle for an express abdominal routine . Not to mention those related to health and nutrition , so fundamental when it comes to achieving a fitness body .

That is why we wanted to collect those that, due to their design, functionality or results, cannot be missing in the memory of your smartphone or in that of your (sports) life.


It is a kind of passport that gives you daily access (at the moment in Madrid and Barcelona ) to the portfolio of gyms attached to the application (whether you like to train on your own or if you prefer to reserve a place in a group class). Perfect for those who are bored of always training in the same place , its method is flexible (without permanence and with a single monthly payment) and very simple: you can locate the gym , box or studio where you are by zip code or on the map. you want to attend (you can also do it for the type of class you are interested in) and intuitivelyYou book your training up to two weeks in advance.


More than 30 new pre-recorded fitness workouts (in English) are added each week to this application designed for those who need to be guided through the ear (always by expert professionals ). It seems silly, but a word of encouragement at the right time can make the difference between successfully completing a series (even if on the limit) or leaving it without regret. Strength, cardio , yoga , marathon … the only limit will be the battery of your mobile. Ah! And you can share selfies with the rest of the community (already made up of 200,000 athletes).


Whether with the information on the screen in a vertical or horizontal position, this specific application for high intensity training (includes templates for HIIT, Tabata and Circuit) allows you to customize the interval timers to create your own routines , as well as identify them by color to get a visual clue. You can also assign a specific song for each type of interval or, if you prefer, listen to your music in the background.

Workout Trainer

The premium subscription to this application allows you to access hundreds of training videos in HD (in a clean interface and without advertising) executed by virtual trainers. The simplicity of the explanations of their audios stands out (you can choose the routines by duration, intensity level or area of ​​the body to work) and it is always a success that it shows the statistics of our progress. You can also pay for specific and dynamic workouts , such as Challenge 50 push-ups, Toned Abs, or Total HIIT.

Do you remember those times when cell phone plans gave you a limited number of minutes and text messages but mobile data was unlimited?

Today the situation is exactly the opposite. When the operators realized that what we really wanted was mobile data, they said that in order to better manage the networks, they had to limit the data.

There is no option to have unlimited data unless you are with T-Mobile or Sprint and pay for that plan. Every megabyte will be counted or you could end up paying dearly for surcharges.

Here we tell you how to set limits and alerts to keep abreast of the use of your data and tips to optimize the use of them.

Activate alerts and limits

In iOS you can go to Settings> Cellular> use of mobile data . This information does not reset at the end of each pay period, so you will have to remember it yourself. To reset this statistic, you must go to Settings> cell phone> reset statistics (the latter is located at the end of the menu).

On Android 4.0 minimum, you can see mobile data usage in the same way as on iOS, but from there you can also configure limits and alerts. Go to settings and networks , click on data usage . You can set a limit and alerts by moving the red and black lines respectively. If during a period you reach the alert, it will notify you.

Another option is to use the applications of your operator, but this information varies a little with respect to those of the cell phone, so it is better to be checking those that the operator gives you. You can also disable the data when you don’t need it.

Use Wi-Fi networks whenever you can

Although some will ask you to accept the terms and conditions in order to connect, many do not and will connect automatically every time you go to the site. If you do it every place you go, you’ll see a substantial reduction in mobile data usage.

Limit the data that works automatically

In iOS you can make the changes if you go to Settings> cellular , and in Android you must go to Settings> WiFi and networks> data usage .

Change your habits

Using mobile versions spends less data than browsing the web by viewing sites designed to be viewed through a computer. In this case, the cache is a good thing since by preserving it, you will not have to download the same images from websites that you visit frequently.

You can also download Opera Mini which is designed to compress information and reduce data usage when browsing.…